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Great news!!

Kay Ostrenko will be conducting a 26+2 teacher training along with and additional Intermediate series and introduction to Advanced.  October 26-November 21, 2021 at Sedona Hot Yoga with 30+ years of experience this is a unique opportunity to learn from a qualified teacher. Known as a "Teachers' teacher". Kay can take your practice and teaching to the next level. Everyone love's a teacher that can "unleash the hidden forces and latent power hidden within you", as described by Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram's Guru. Kay is just that teacher.

::: Don't miss this opportunity :::

This will be a 200 TT.

This training will give you the ability to teach an informed, safe, commanding class with confidence in the Classic 26+2 hot yoga class the  Bishnu Ghosh / Bikram lineage. This is a small private yoga teacher training where we will go in depth into seeing misalignment and how to correct on all body types and abilities. First applying knowledge to ones own practice gives the ability to pass this knowledge on to others.

Trainees are required to learn, memorize complete dialogue prior to each posture clinic upon which each asana is covered.

Posture clinics cover full comprehension and application of each asana. You will learn the proper proprioception of each posture, technique, its benefits and guidance in communicating your own unique self-expression through the dialogue.

So if you are interested in teaching or simply looking to deepen your practice. This training is for you.

Attending Training or merely paying is not a guarantee for a teaching position or Yoga Alliance Certificate certificate. Program completion and certification is given only to those showing required competency and ability to teach.


Lecture topics include:

The Basis of Hatha Yoga





Yoga for Trauma/PTSD what to do when it arises in a student before, during or after a class


The Koshas

The Chakras

Anatomy of Energy Body yogic approach to anatomy

Paramahansa Yogananda Lineage

and more.

Excursions may include:

Sacred Yoga Hikes

Cold Plunges in the creek

Energy Healings on the vortex


Please note all hours must be accounted for. Tardiness and absences are not permitted unless approved of prior to trading. These hours must be made up for completion of the program. 

Suggested reading: 

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda From Self Realization Fellowship

Bikram's Yoga (Blue book)



The Schedule

Subject to change along with additional lectures excursions etc.

All at Sedona Hot Yoga location unless otherwise specified.



Sign in 10:30am Meditation circle Cottonwood

11 am- 12:30pm Traditional 26&2 Class(Bikram)  


2pm-4pm Posture clinic Sedona Hot Yoga

Dinner break 4-6pm

6:30 pm  Traditional 26&2 Class(Bikram) Sedona



7:30 am Sign in Meditation circle 

Posse Grounds Ampitheater or another outdoors location


8am-9:30am  Traditional 26&2 Class(Bikram) 


Sedona Hot Yoga

11am-2pm Posture clinic/lecture/anatomy

3:30pm Traditional 26&2 Class (Bikram) Cottonwood


Sedona Hot Yoga

12:30pm-3:30Pm Intro Intermediate/Advanced 84+

6:30pm 26&2 Class



Rest Day



Sedona Hot Yoga

(July 9th orientation day starts at Noon sign in meditation circle, class discussion ends at 4pm)

Noon Sign in Meditation circle

12:30pm -2pm 26&2 class 

2:30pm-3:30pm  Advanced 84+

4:30-6pm Posture Clinic


Posse Grounds or other outdoor location

7:30am sign in Meditation circle

8am-9:30am Traditional 26&2 Class 

Sedona Hot Yoga

12:30pm-2pm Traditional 26&2 Class (Bikram)

3pm-7PM posture clinic/Intermediate sequence/ Intro to Advanced 84+



10am Sign in Meditation Circle

10:30am -12pm Traditional class followed immediately by Advanced Classic 84 plus Asanas

12:45pm sign in for Advanced

1-3pm Advanced Classic 84 Plus up to 108 Asanas

5-7pm Posture clinic/lecture/excursion

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