Hot Yoga Teacher Training - Accelerated Course

February 29th - March 8th, 2020 

Led by Jennifer Richards @ Sedona Hot Yoga

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Are you ready to teach yoga or deepen your practice?

We welcome all who are looking to deepen their own understanding and love of yoga as well as those looking to teach professionally. Our highly acclaimed Teacher Training Program is specifically intended to support you in pursuing the path of wisdom, compassion and service. Empowering your life and all those around you.

​Curriculum Includes:

  • Learning to teach a well rounded flow

  • Asana Breakdown, Anatomy, Modifications and Advanced Variations

  • Intelligent Cueing 

  • Practice teaching

  • Bhandas

  • Ayurveda – Includes Organic Lunches and Snacks

  • Medicinal herb practical uses

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga philosophy ~ Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Yogi.

Where you will be

Enjoy time in this sacred land at our stunning studio nestled in the heart of Sedona 


For thousands of years, Sedona has been a place people have journeyed to for healing and transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

Is it your turn now?


We live in a fast paced world and can often get lost in the noise. There is timeless wisdom from the ancient world that can dramatically help us improve our current quality life; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.   Through the high standards of Sedona Hot Yoga’s teacher training we are committed to presenting these jewels of wisdom in a way that is both profound and practical.  Our diverse and highly trained teaching staff is dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are and working with your unique gifts in helping you become a powerful and confident guide for others.  It is our intention to distill essential truths and principals that are useful both on and off the mat.  Our team aims to move you out of a stagnant, mechanical existence into an exhilarating journey of learning, growing and being. Anyone honestly seeking to deepen their own practice and wisdom is welcome to attend regardless if you intend to teach.  For those who do intend to become yoga teachers, we are fully committed to giving you all the tools you need to lead clear, powerful and genuine class.





Cost $2,200

To Apply or for more information

TEXT "training" to 928-202-9344

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