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Recorded conversation with Utilities Operation Director, Mike Treynor 

Please listen to the above recorded conversation I had with the Utilities Operations Director, Mike Treynor.  The City's ONLY defense as to why they are not remedying their fraud and corruption, is because they say I am time barred.  You have 180 days after you realize you are injured to sue them.  I was about to initiate a lawsuit against the City UNTIL I spoke with Mike Treynor on the phone 7 weeks after the discovery of the septic tank and he personally assured me that my buildings were STILL CONNECTED to City sewer THROUGH the septic tank.  That this was common in Cottonwood and they "are still catching it"  He told me there was absolutely nothing the City could do and I was still connected.  I was still very confused so I went in to talk to him and asked if I could record the conversation so I could have record of the City's official position about our sewer connection in light of the discovery of the septic tank.   Listen to his response.  Because I listened to him and other Building Department personnel, I did not initiate a lawsuit UNTIL I dug up the leach line in April and ran a camera down the leach line to see if Mike Treynor's assertions were true.  And they were NOT, we have proved, as of April 2021 that we are NOT connected through the septic tank as we were assured we were.  THAT is when the 180 day clock started ticking.  This act in and of itself is another case of FRAUD.  Telling me "on the record" that I am still connected and they saying after that I should have somehow know that I was lied to.  This is estoppel and fraud.  It will never hold up in court and they know it, which is why it will cost them much less to settle outside court.  I will ask for enormous restitution if they drag me through court versus settling for the minimum amount of damages outside of court.  

Below is the Notice of Claim I submitted to Cottonwood.  The City's response is that they deny responsibility in breaking the outlined laws and are requiring me to go through the hell of court instead of admitting they messed up and fixing it. 


Exposing corruption in our local Cottonwood government!!!

I need your help! We have been the victim of dozens of crimes perpetuated by the City of Cottonwood in regard to the commercial buildings we own and operate Cottonwood Hot Yoga out of. The crimes of the past administration and the incompetency of the current administration have a direct injury to us in an amount of $319,000. If the City of Cottonwood does not remedy their fraud, misrepresentation, estoppel, code violations, state statute violations, cottonwood ordinances violations, and procedure violations it will cause us to have to close our studios and we will have no future. We are on the right side of the law. They KNOW it, but they are betting on the fact that I will become overwhelmed and give up... But they don't know who I am and that I have been called by God to serve our community though the healing gift of yoga. Righteousness and Justice are the FOUNDATION of Gods throne!

I am finishing my lawsuit against the City to be submitted in the Superior Court by the middle to end of June. I am representing myself and I will win because ALL of the laws are on our side as victims.

Please watch this video and go to the description under the video to see the information of the city officials who need to hear that our community DEMANDS that our government follow their own laws and that when they break those laws and citizens are injured, that they remedy those injures without dragging the victim through the torment of the court system. The City has the resources and the responsibility to be accountable for their crimes and remedy the injuries they cause.

Please email, call or write the four key individuals listed in the youtube description everyday you can until they remedy this situation and ask that they respond with updates and information to your calls, emails and letters.

Together I KNOW we will overcome this attack and Hot Yoga will continue to flourish for years to come

God Bless you and THANK YOU

Here is a sample email you can use directly or as inspiration:

I am writing to condemn lawlessness in the government. As citizens we expect and demand that, you, the government, follow your own laws and remedy any injuries the government causes when violating the law. You ARE us, not above us. Please remedy the injury caused by the city's lawless acts perpetuated at 702 and 704 S. Main st. immediately. In the future when you expose fraud and corruption, please do not ignore, belittle, and mislead the victim, please address and correct it immediately.

Tim Elinski - mayor: 928-340-2747


Ron Corbin - City Manager: 928-634-5526


Steve Horton - City Attorney: 928-606-0808


Amanda Wilber - Risk Manager: 928-340-2713


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